Tuesday, 24 January 2012

CNY again

One year has passed again. Time flies. Happy New Dragon year fellow bloggers!

First shocker of the year : Found out that my best straight fren whom I have known for years is gay . Wohhoo !  Welcome to the Gay world , MK !!!! 

New year resolutions;
1) Tulsy will be wet again soon
2) Olive oil to be wet for the first time
3)Jason n vince to be more loving than ever
4) Sha- to be president or prime minister of something political

Monday, 17 October 2011


imagine standing in front of a deep dark pit. A pit so dark that it brings fear to the devils . A pit so famous that it arouses the curiosity of people who knews of its existence. A pit so mystical that it tickles the imagination of anyone who walks near it. A pit filled with mystery and stories from all sides,be it the deepest darkest hell from some , or tales of a playground fit for the angels .But the truth is no one knows what lies beneath. Would it be worth it to take a leap of faith into the unknown? Hoping that such a leap will lead us to a sacred playground fuelled by the fountain of joy . How then will one live , if it is anything but heaven on earth. All we can do is to just pray that ,after such leap , we will arrive at a santuary and not hell itself.But what if none of them exist at all?what if that one leap that we take leads us to miles of darkness and end with a cold hard floor filled with nothing but mud and sand? So we shall pray . Pray that such heaven does exist at the bottom of the pit . Pray that if such heaven does not exist, hopefully it is not a living hell down there. Pray that if a living hell does not exist, hopefully that the pit is not as deep as it looks ,and death will not linger around us. Pray that if such pit does look as deep as it seems, hopefully ,the ground below it will be soft enough to break the fall.Pray that if the floor is as hard as it is suppose to be, hopefully , death will be painless and swift. And if none of those took place, at least we still have hope. But the question is , are we willing to take that 1 leap and let hope do its magic? Only time can tell.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Got a message from QQ yesterday . it reads

QQ: di , me langgar monkey , monkey die liao.

Opss . QQ killed a monkey on his birthday . IM serious .

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

happy birthday !

In less than an hour's time , QQ will be celebrating his 26th bday . HAppy Birthday QQ ! MUAXX

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

end of a pleasantful vacation

am in bangkok now . waiting for my connecting flight to cairo , then taking another flight from cairo to london.

People say time flies  when u r having fun and  i couldnt agree more .

The past three weeks has been fun . excitingly memorable although dull and repetitive. most of my time was spent in QQ's  office doing nothing but i was surprised tht i actually enjoyed most of it . oh well  i guess its the company that counts . after all , the one and only purpose of my trip back was to spend time with qq .

for now , i shall just cherish the memories we had together and get back to uni life , reconnecting thru webcam and relive LDR .

Many thanks to jason for spending time with us , waiting and driving me to the airport. really did enjoy your company . feels like i have known him for a  long time even though its the first time we met. hehe .

Monday, 4 April 2011


Mr bad luck has just unleashed its wrath on me and totally redefined its boundaries .

Wrath 1: Bought a train ticket from Birm to London scheduled to depart in the morning for my London-KL flight,.

Train Strike in London on Sunday! And guess who is going to London by train on Sunday morning?
Guessed right ! ME!

Solution : Bought another coach ticket and wasted my train ticket for nothing .
Oh well , at least i still made it to london .
Wrath 2: Political crisis in Egypt screwed up the flight schedules of Egypt Air . And guess who is flight back by Egypt Air ?
Guessed right ! ME again !

Solution: Need to transit again in Bangkok for a whole 3 hours before flying back to Msia. One stopover of 3 hours in Cairo is bad enough . Now its doubled up to 2 stopovers , 6 hours waiting time and 14 hours of flight time. Gosh ! 

Wrath 3: Misplaced baggage on transit . And guess who is on transit for 2 times ?
Guessed Right ! Me again again !  You guys are good in guessing.

Solution : Pray hard that they will find my bag filled with new clothes and perfumes that I bought for Hong Kong clubbing and return back to me as soon as possible . (So sorry Vincent ! your gift for Jason is in that bag! Hopefully the bag will come back to me . I bet MR Baggie is having a lot of fun in Cairo or in Bangkok now ! )
Trying very hard not to blow up . Cant sleep . JEt lag now !


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bk home!

wohoo , will be goin bk to msia in a few hours time . excited. get to see QQ really soon . just went to an orchestra yesterday by some composer named Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber who played a part in the Phantom of the Opera soundtracks i think . will update and post video on the event soon ! take care

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

-G-A-Y- club -London

 After the Pride Ball event, my friends and I went to the after party at a bar in town . Drank like crazy , got drunk and had the most peaceful sleep -thanks to the alcohol.

The day after , I was bombarded by msgs and missed calls by a my friend's friend . The night before , at the after party, I somehow promised him that i will go to London with them the day after, which i dint recall doing . OR was it because i got drunk and just said yes to every question he asked . So , off we go down to London - shopping spree ! dinner and clubbing afterwards. Was planning to meet up wit Vincent and his bf but they were already on their way back to Edinburgh when i arrived.

And the name of the club that we went was G-A-Y club.Can it get more obvious than this? G-A-Y club ! How straight can it get ? Haha .If Nightingales club in Birmingham is good , this is ten times better. Aparently , it is one of the largest gay club in Europe , and boy was it huge . Packed to the brim . Its a Saturday night afterall.

AM still recovering and resting to replenish my energy after a tiring weekend . Hopefully , i will be well charged and fit for Hong Kong's clubs . Hong Kong here I come ! in two weeks time. Cant wait

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sick worried

QQ was not feeling well .

I feel so useless because there is nothing much i can do , except for talking through the webcam with him . Hopefully he will recover soon.

He said that his heart feels weak and inactive. Must be cause of the excessive smoking or maybe the humid weather in Malaysia .

Get well soon . QQ . Miss u so so much . Will be back to Malaysia this coming 3rd of April . DO wait for me . hehe